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位于上虞区经济开发区,西临中国历史名城绍兴,北濒杭州湾,距绍兴市20公里,上虞市区约3公里,交通便利,有萧甬线铁路经过,衔接104国道的汽车专用道直达厂区,公司北侧的杭州湾跨海大桥把我们带向美好的未来。 Shaoxing Shangyu Analytical Instrument Factory is located in the Economic Development Zone of Shangyu District. It is adjacent to the historic Chinese city of Shaoxing in the west and is adjacent to Hangzhou Bay in the north. It is 20 kilometers away from Shaoxing City and about 3 kilometers from Shangyu City. The national highway's special auto road leads directly to the plant area, and the Hangzhou Bay Bridge across the company's north side takes us to a better future.
In order to ensure the normal operation of motorized equipment and extend the service life of the equipment, the lubricants of various motorized equipment of the enterprise must be filtered through three levels of impurities. The first time is to filter 60 mesh in the barrel; the second time is to filter 80 mesh oil from the barrel. Pot; the third time filtering 100-mesh funnel from the oil pot to complete the three-stage filtration of lubricating oil.
Our factory specializes in the production of three-stage lubricants for lubricating oil. It is a professional manufacturer of three-grade filters for lubricating oils used by China Petroleum and Sinopec. The company's technical force adopts computer-aided design, complete processing machinery, advanced detection methods, good product technology, sophisticated manufacturing, and comprehensive quality management and after-sales service guarantee system.
The tenet of our factory is to strive for survival by quality, innovation and development, and customer satisfaction as the standard. Welcome to call us to negotiate and order. We sincerely and frankly cooperate to create a better tomorrow.

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